Financial Wellness Training:
Find Your Path to a Rich Life

The smartest investment you’ll ever make is to develop a healthy approach to your wealth. In fact, establishing and maintaining healthy spending and saving habits are just as essential to your overall wellbeing as good nutrition and exercise. Take the first step by increasing your financial understanding and improving skills and behavior.

In this seminar, Dr. Marty Martin brings his multidisciplinary skillset to bear as he teaches you the two cornerstones of financial wellness and how to use them to lead a more productive and satisfying life:

  • Your Financial Reality
    Focus on how much you earn, how to manage those earnings, and your actual net worth.
  • State of Mind
    Focus on your relationship to or with? money and this relationship affects your psychological, emotional and even physical health.

For more than a decade, organizations have benefited from training and wellness solutions offered by Dr. Marty Martin. These workplace and campus financial education workshops are signed and facilitated by a pioneering psychology of money expert, Dr. Marty Martin, dually trained in psychology and financial planning, is dedicated to helping you build healthy money attitudes and habits.

Money can be a great contributor to greater health, happiness, peace of mind and strong relationships rather than a distraction from the things that matter most. We look forward to help building greater financial strength, balance and peace of mind. Establishing and maintaining healthy spending and saving habits is as important to one’s well-being as proper nutrition and exercise. Your employees can achieve financial wellness-the balance between living responsibly today and planning wisely for tomorrow.

For many companies, Financial Wellness is the missing piece to maximizing the effectiveness of existing wellness programs and fully containing health care costs. Not to mention fostering a workforce of healthier, happier and more productive employees who are engaged and empowered.

Financial wellness is not about money; it’s about decision making. Dr. Marty Martin can:

  • Help your employees build awareness of their financial situation.
  • Provide your employees education for establishing financial goals.
  • Empower your employees to change their behavior and achieve their goals through informed choices in a financial planning process.
  • Set goals consistent with your dreams and design a plan to bring your dreams into reality
  • Recognize your spending habits and learn to use debt wisely
  • Plan for emergencies
  • Make sound financial decisions to build wealth over time, no matter the income level
  • Plan cash flows to have your desired experience of life today
  • Alter your relationship to money and wealth, manage your state of mind and take powerful actions


It’s simple. A successful company depends on productive and motivated individuals. Ignoring employee financial challenges drains time and resources.

More and more employers are beginning to see the tremendous benefits of providing their employees with a solid financial education.  When employees
Are distracted by financial worries it diminishes their productivity, brings unnecessary stress into the workplace and puts a damper on morale.

On the other hand, when workers are in a state of Financial Wellness, they are in control. They are confident, focused and have a greater balance and security. By offering employee financial education, an employer is making an investment in their business.

Just consider the following facts:

  • 90% of the nearly 128 million workers in the US have difficulty managing their money and are not consistently saving for retirement.
  • Up to 50% admit to wasting 21 hours per month while on the job dealing with personal money matters.
  • Employees regard financial stress as their number one concern, 5 times greater than personal health.

Source: National Institute of Personal Finance Employee Education


Provide a Financial Wellness Benefit Program for your employees today and begin witnessing the benefit to your company’s bottom line.

Employer Benefits
By helping employees increase their personal financial wellness, employees benefit tremendously through:

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Better employee-employer relations, higher morale, increased retention rates, lower fringe benefit costs, lower transaction costs, and increased output.
  • Improvement in the areas of absences, tardiness, leaving early, mistakes, lack of job concentration, accidents and job output.
  • Increase participation in your company retirement plan.
  • Decrease turnover
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance company culture

Employee Benefits
As employees move into a position of effectively directing and managing the income they earn, they enjoy the benefits of:

  • Less financial stress
  • Reduction of debt
  • Paychecks go farther
  • Savings and investment increases
  • Financial goal realization
  • Greater financial security and strength

How Is This Financial Education Different?

There are many ways that you will achieve greater value for your investment. A few of the differentiating factors are identified below:

  • Our programs are unbiased, designed to educate, not to sell financial services or products.
  • Dr. Marty Martin is the only trainer in the country trained in psychology, financial planning, and health promotion.
  • We design custom programs to specifically meet the needs of your organization.
  • Our programs are evidence based.