Healthcare Disparities Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Success is where data and caring meet to demand change and results.

Healthcare disparities are not new. Hospitals and health systems must achieve healthcare transformation-a top-to-bottom rethinking of the healthcare enterprise. Dr. Martin offers strategic advisory services to guide boards and senior leaders how to “close the gap” among their patients, among their employees, and in the communities they serve. Along the way, we put into action proven models for organizing, learning, testing and re-imagining the future of how your business seeks to “close the gap” in healthcare disparities.


Envision the Future of Culturally Competent Care and Business Models


We help you envision and define real, viable business ideas for helping people stay well, rewiring relationships with insurers and the community, and opening up new top-line growth opportunities beyond traditional healthcare services.


Manage Change with Strategic Experiments


The transformation journey need to be carefully managed through new business experiments that enable them to organize to learn fast, create new habits, push the culture, and dramatize the benefits of moving to new models of care. We help leaders across the healthcare ecosystem co-create innovative ideas, pilot strategic initiatives, and align around a clear roadmap for scaling new processes and offerings.