Maximize the Meaningfulness of Board Retreats

Dr. Marty Martin partners with you and your organization to structure and run a results-oriented meeting. Align your goals with the right process and facilitator to get you there. Provide your group the skilled, attentive, flexible, professional, and courageous facilitation they need to achieve real results.


Our retreats help you realize your goals by offering:
  • Help in developing strategic plans, tactical follow-up methods, and effective business development strategies
  • Ways to build new levels of alignment and communication throughout your organization
  • Facilitation of better, more effective group communication and interaction
  • Guidance in restructuring and organizational development
How the Process Works
  • Pre-retreat interviews with attendees
  • Design a pleasant, open environment for the retreat preferably offsite
  • Develop the agenda to provide structure and maintain momentum during the retreat.
  • Present a final report with agreed-upon strategies and realistic timelines