Maximizing Performance

Sleep is Power!

sleepingWe aim to show you how to enhance your performance and productivity. And we strive to share with how to be more productive without sacrificing your sleep, health, well-being and sense of contentment. In a 24/7 world, you can’t expect others to protect your health and well-being. It’s up to you to take back some control in your life.


What should companies be doing to address the sleep problem?


Employees and managers, if left on their own, will sacrifice sleep to work more, produce more, and perform more. More does not translate into productivity. But more does translate into fatigue, mistakes, errors and avoidable costs.


To prevent well-intended employees and managers from “driving themselves in the ground,” you must develop a policy and create a culture that proactively values sleep as a means to high performance and employee well-being.


A corporate sleep policy sets a limit. The culture gives individuals permission, without fear of reprisal or shame, to value their sleep.


We provide the following evidence-based, practical approaches to maximizing your performance and well-being:

  • Corporate sleep policy development
  • Workplace sleep and fatigue management training
  • Integration of sleep and fatigue management programming within your EAP, worksite wellness program, occupational safety program, and work hardiness program

Public Speaking/Training

A seasoned public speaker, Marty speaks and lectures about the relationship between sleep and performance. Be it for a Keynote or an hour-long lunch n’learn, or half-day workshop, he won’t put anyone to sleep! Listeners will have a fresh outlook on one-third of their lives that is fundamental to the quality of the other two-thirds.