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For more information on how to bring William “Marty” Martin to your organization, please contact Tracy Kennard, Business Manager at 727-512-6727 or tracylkennard@gmail.com.


Dr. Marty Martin has been speaking and training nationally and internationally for more than 30 years. He has been invited back again and again by medical, nursing, and health care associations to speak about managing performance, managing conflict, and dealing with disruptive behavior. Marty has presented an average of 50 seminars a year for the past ten years with his unique “high content” delivery. Dr. Martin is frequently a speaker at the national conferences of the American College for Physician Executives and the Medical Group Management Association.


In recent years, Dr. Martin has been speaking, training and facilitating retreats and educational seminars for boards of directors, health systems, hospitals, and medical groups on topics ranging from interviewing and selecting the best team to managing performance.


Dr. Martin, a graduate of Rutgers University in 1989, where he earned his Doctor of Psychology degree, continues to challenge his audiences with his dynamic presentations.

His approach is fresh, real-world, and his style is appealing and practical. Each presentation is loaded with street-worthy ideas, methods, and tips that every individual can use immediately to get results. Marty is one of a few great speakers able to deliver meaningful information in a dynamic and engaging manner. His well-organized, thought-provoking and practical presentations affirm his reputation as a speaker with solutions that stick. You will long remember his power-packed message!


What sets Marty Martin apart from a crowded pack of educational and inspirational speakers? He is a remarkable and powerful presenter who offers humor with a message. Audience members “soak up” his presentation and walk away with a set of tools that they can use immediately in the interest of improving performance, advancing their confidence, competence as well as ongoing personal development.


Currently, Marty Martin is writing a book on Career Insurance which focuses on the need to underwrite your own personal career by formulating a career “insurance policy” for protection against corporate downsizing, retirement insecurities, lack of promotional opportunities and the imbalance between work and “life”. Most recently, Marty was invited back to speak to more than 500 Motorola employees caught in the uncertainty of company restructuring. His signature speech, Do You Have Career Insurance?, has been well received by high-profile Washington, D.C. attorneys to social workers in an adoption agency in the Heartland.


Marty Martin is also experienced in role-playing, webinars, audio and televised training.