Workplace Workshops

Dr. Marty Martin also offers workplace and campus financial education workshops. Money can support greater health, happiness, and peace of mind, and it can strengthen your relationships at work. But it can also serve as a distraction, keeping you away from the things that should matter most. Dr. Martin’s goal is to help you achieve balance as you build a strong financial foundation.


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Financial Wellness is often the one missing piece of an employer’s overall wellness program. Employees distracted by financial worries aren’t as productive, add stress in the office, and lower morale. On the other hand, workers who are in a state of financial wellness are in control. They’re confident, focused, balanced, and secure. Employee financial education is a smart business investment.

  • Help your employees see the reality of their financial situations.
  • Educate your employees about how to set and achieve realistic financial goals.
  • Empower your employees by showing them how to change their behavior and make informed financial planning choices.
  • Show your employees how to recognize their spending habits and learn to use debt wisely.
Consider the facts:
  • Of the almost 128 million workers in the US today, 90% have difficulty managing their money and aren’t consistently saving for retirement.
  • Up to 50% admit to wasting 21 work hours per month dealing with personal money matters.

(Source: National Institute of Personal Finance Employee Education)