Taming Disruptive Behavior

Prevent Workplace Bullying

Disruptive behavior can happen in any workplace, but when it hits health care organizations, it can have dramatic impacts on patient care. In this definitive book by two expert therapists who’ve studied all aspects of disruptive behavior, you’ll learn not only how to recognize it, but also practical ways to deal with it. Taming Disruptive Behavior is a must-have book for health care professionals.


The harsh reality is that workplace bullying is more common than many think. This should not be too surprising; remember when you were in elementary, middle or high school and the bullies terrified students and even teachers? If you were not a target, you knew somebody that was. Bullying does not disappear with age. People don’t grow out of bullying. Bullies, in fact, can be very intelligent, get good grades, and then get hired by companies based upon their knowledge and skills. They are often quite skilled in hiding any signs of bullying during the interview process and for long as three months when they pass probation and then become a permanent member of the workplace. This is often the time in which the bully comes out of the closet seeking a victim, or pairs up with another bully at work and they both team up to seek victims.


The book looks at critical issues such as:

  • The impact, costs, and risks of disruptive behavior
  • How to prevent disruptive behavior
  • How to address disruptive behavior from a leadership and organizational perspective
  • What are the special considerations when working with physicians?
  • What are the special considerations when dealing with nurses and other members of the care team?
  • What are the special considerations when dealing with sexual misconduct at work?
  • What is the role of human resources, the legal department, patient safety, quality management, risk management, and medical staff?

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