Are New Year’s Resolutions Worth It?

Are New Year’s Resolutions worth it? If the goal is to do something different in your life, then resolutions are only as good as you willingness and ability to change your behavior. Behavior change is hard. Habits (good and bad) take some time to develop. But once habits are formed, then it also takes some time to change these habits.

What’s the deal? First, there is nothing magical about the New Year. Second, pick something very, very small such as going to bed at a regular time (plus or minus 30 minutes) every evening. Third, be sure that you know WHY you wish to make this change. What’s the immediate and long term benefit? Fourth, be patient with yourself because you will not be able to embed this new behavior into your new routine for at least a month if not longer.

One of my goals for 2017 is to write a blog post each day for the next 365 days. Am I willing? YES! Am I able? YES! Am I fooling myself? We shall see when I check back in with you 365 days from now.

Be Well

Marty Martin

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